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Harmony- A Poem Dedicated to Indian Farmer's Protest

Updated: Jan 13

I am obviously late at this.

this should've been out when the protest was ongoing to motivate the farmers out in the field not when it ended.

But, I finally finished writing a poem dedicated to the farmer's protest.

I was overjoyed when PM Modi announced that the govt. is going to withdraw the three contentious farm laws.

Through this, I want to thank the Indian Farmers for not giving up when everyone else did, and for fighting for their rights and not stopping.

Hope this gives you a sense of belongingness and interacts with the emotions being portrayed here.

Thank you.



As subtle as it looks,

the harmony isn't the same,

the clashing of these kings,

won't be there one day.

The fight for their rights,

will start the hurricane,

leading it into the night,

there won't be the day.

As subtle as it looks,

the harmony isn't the same.

Building up their shelters

opposing the storming rage

making the history

with their affirmative stage.

They led a movement,

Those kings will not be slaves

Fighting for their rights

Being tortured each day,

Just Yesternight it was

When Golden Bird was their Name

Getting up from the fall,

We buried their fame

As subtle as it looks,

the harmony isn't the same

The change meant to happen

Was brought by them

Realizing from the mistakes

They made the cruel into humans again.

Either for the selfless reasons

Or the humane ones as it seems

Their rights are restored

As an end to the means

The deaths being suffered

Endowed us with enlightenment

Calm and unstoppable

Were the traits of ancestors

As subtle as it looks

The harmony can be the same

In laughter, they lived

In agony, they fought

Liberty was the ray

For they suffered and lost

Making it into the history

By losing too many

A piece of the spirit

Was always carried on

Revolution finally came

For what they stood for

Knowing the unknown

They had to try more

A subtle as it looks

The harmony seems the same

Passing on the learned

Demanding what’s their

Much could’ve gone wrong

If the kindled hadn’t burned

Did many wrongs

Did many rights

Learned from the wrongs

As humans, we should

The end is here

Or it may not exist

More fights will be fought

Demanded by the next.

As subtle as it looks,

The harmony is the same

- Ayush Sethi

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